5 easy ways to improve your style right now.

5 easy ways to improve your style right now.

In today's article we'll discuss about five easy ways to
improve your style right now.

Number one is to do a
thorough closet cleaning.

First, go trough everything that you have and if you haven't worn it in the past year, get rid of it. If it's been sitting around for that long and you haven't worn it? You are not going to wear it. Really feels good to do this, it declutters your closet and your drawers, makes room for other things, and it helps you simplify and focus. 

Number two, taking stock of what is actually there.

 Identify what you have, identify what you need or want. Make a list, prioritize, think about how you're going to budget for it, make a plan, and then hold yourself accountable. So, in addition to do doing this kind of wardrobe audit, you really need to do a little homework and think about what it is that you are trying to achieve. Several years ago when I did this, I noticed that I had a lot of suits and jackets but that among those, I was really lacking some of those more basic pieces, a gray flannel suit, a navy hopsack suit, a light gray fresco suit, a brown linen suit.

I was only able to see that by going through this process and as a result, not only was I able to add those suits to my collection, but at the same time because they are so basic, I was really able to expand the number of options that I had throughout my entire wardrobe. I think this is something that is good to do at least once a year.

Try it, you will not be disappointed.

Number three, educate yourself.

There's always something to learn in the world of men's style and I find that most people who get into it, want to know everything they possibly can about what they're wearing. How things work, how they're made, where they come from, and all the subtle
differences and intricacies that you find throughout so many different facets of the men's style world. Watch as many videos as you can, read as many books as you can.

I think one of the hallmarks of a modern gentleman is curiosity. Curiosity about the things that he loves and a curiosity about those things that he invest time into. Not only does that inform your style, but it also makes you a more interesting person.

Number four is to practice.

Practice does not make perfect, but it makes you a whole lot better than you would be if you didn't practice at all. If you wanna get better at an instrument, you practice. If you wanna improve your golf game, you practice. Style and dressing yourself is absolutely no different. It's one thing to read the books and understand it in your head, but until you actually try it yourself and see the clothes on you, you really don't get that
same level of understanding. And what I'm talking about is trying clothes on and looking at yourself in the mirror.

You learn what works, you learn what doesn't work. You learn what you like. You can try different things out, I do this all the time when I'm trying to find the shoes that I wanna match to the outfit. I know this might sound a little weird, like practicing getting dressed, but the more you practice, the easier it becomes, and the time you put inwill pay big dividends down the road.

Finally number five,
take care of yourself.

I have found that there is a direct relationship between how I'm taking care of myself and how I feel. One of the reasons I think we like to dress well is that it makes us feel good. And one of the things I always like to say is that, if you dress well or put
time and effort into, and take pride in your appearance, it makes you feel good about yourself, and then armed with that, you're able to accomplish even more.

However, it's not just the clothes that contribute to this. I would say that the clothes are sort of the icing on the cake. Taking care of yourself is definitely the more important part of this equation. Exercise regularly, eat well, pay attention to your grooming,
just get into a general routine of positive action.

The thing that I love about routines, especially healthy ones, is that once you get into that routine, your body actually wants to keep itself there and it really feels like
something is missing if you're not doing that particular thing. With exercise, this is
definitely the case.

Take care of yourself, you'll feel better and it will show. There you have it, short and sweet, five easy tips to improve your style right now.

Let's recap.

Number one, clean out your closet
and get rid of anything you
haven't worn in the past year.

Number two, take stock,
identify what you have,
identify what you need.

Number three, learn as much as possible.

Number four, practice.

And number five, take care of yourself.

Thanks for reading:)