How To Fix A Patchy Beard Fast like a Pro

How To Fix A Patchy Beard Fast like a Pro

Growing a full beard is a victory for every man. However, many men do not grow a beard because they think that they might have a patchy beard. 

A beard that has thicker hair in some areas whereas baldly patches at some are known as a patchy beard.

Does a patchy beard spoil your look? Not anymore! Here, in this article, we’ll discuss various ways on how to fix a patchy beard fast.

Come, let’s start with basics!

Why Is There A Patchy Beard?

Before starting with the ways to fix a patchy beard, let’s see the causes for it.


The primary reason for the growth of a patchy beard might be genetics. In this case, we don’t have a choice to rectify it.

Hormone Imbalance

A decrease in the hormone level in some men can also be the cause of patchiness. One of the hormones is Testosterone.

Alopecia Areata

It forms a coin-shaped baldness spot on the hair-covered areas in your body. It is consistently referred to as spot baldness. There are various treatments to cure it and however, it can be cured without treatment also.

Bad Health Habits

Poor diet, eating junk foods and lack of exercise may lead to the patchy beard.

Another essential reason for the patchy beard is stress. Excessive stress can cause patchy spots on your beard.

How To Fix A Patchy Beard Fast?

Got to know the causes behind a patch beard? Now, let’s check out the steps on how to fix the patchy beard fast.

1. Let It Grow

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to let your beard grow. Before filling in the patches of the beard, you’ll need to let it grow. The beard growth is of 7 stages. Do not be in an urge to trim your beard. 

You’ll need to wait at least for a month to find out the direction of hair growth. Then you’ll get to know where you have got the patchy spots. 

After a month, you can trim your jawline and cheeks to maintain a tidy look. Grow your beard longer to hide the patches and maintain a great look.

2. Maintain Your Facial Hair

The significant part that you need to do is to maintain your facial hair. To grow your facial hair, you’ll need to maintain it.

To maintain a great shape, you’ll need to follow the below steps:
• Make use of alcohol-free beard oil. It will help you to cut down the itchiness in your beard.

• You can try the beard balm to help your hair grow in the direction that you wanted.

• Make use of a bristle brush and brush your facial hair downwards. It will help to cover the patches and makes your beard look uniform and tidy.

3. Try Out The Short Beard

After a few days, you need to trim the jawline and cheeks using a trimmer with an adjustable length setting. Maintain a perfect shape.

 If you are nervous about the initial trim, then you can head out to a barber, so that he can trim the best lines based on the shape of your face. The stubble-short cut is a great way to cover up your patches.

4. Maintain A Nutritious Diet

Not only for growing a thicker beard, maintaining a properly nutritious diet can keep you healthy in all aspects. Avoid junk foods and follow a proper diet. Always remember that you’ll need to the following in your diet:


Our bodies do not have the ability for the automatic production of amino acids.
Hence, you’ll need to include protein-rich eatables such as egg, meats, fish, poultry in your diet.


To maintain a healthy life, vitamins play a significant role in your diet. You need to add Vitamin A, B, C and E in your diet. Vitamin A helps to increase hair growth whereas Vitamin B is to prevent the loss of hair. 

Vitamin C and E help to increase the body’s natural oil to moisturize the facial hair. So, it is important to have spinach, carrots, citrus fruits, egg yolks, and sunflower seeds oil in your diet to improve vitamin level.


Maintain a proper water level in your body to have good health. Hence, you’ll need to drink a lot of water to maintain a hydrated body. It will help to moisturize the facial hair and increase your beard growth.

5. Exercise Regularly

If you’re working out regularly then everything will be in your favor. By doing exercise regularly, you can energize the hair growth. Working out regularly improves testosterone levels.

 It also improves the blood circulation on your skin, scalp, and muscles and improves your metabolism. For good facial growth, some of the exercises are cycling, running, dance and interval training.

6. More Sleep, Less Stress

Less sleep leads to more ill effects on health. According to a study, less sleep can reduce 10 to 15 % of testosterone levels. It increases the stress level too. Hence for a day, you will need to sleep for more than 8 hours. More sleep reduces stress and leads to greater hair growth.


In case, if your beard is growing patchy, do not take a razor and shave it off. When there are too many solutions to get rid of patchiness, then why do you need to shave? Accept the way you are and own it with at most pride.

Let’s take a quick recap! What are the causes of a patchy beard? The patchy beard may be due to genetics, stress, poor diet, lack of regular exercise, hormone imbalance and alopecia areata. We hope you got to know how to fix the patchy beard fast. To get rid of a patchy beard its important to maintain a strict diet, drink a lot of water and be stress-free.

Take care of your beard and fix up the patchiness faster! Get rid of the patchiness soon and add a great look to your beard!
Best Of Luck!