5 Ways You’re Wearing Your Jeans Wrong!

5 Ways You’re Wearing Your Jeans Wrong!

Nowadays, jeans have become the most significant pair of pants in your closet next to chinos. So, you must wear them correctly.

Don’t worry, we all make a lot of fashion mistakes. One of those fashion mistakes would be wearing a jeans.

In the article, you will come to know the 5 ways you’re wearing your jeans wrong. In case, if you’ve been wearing these in any of these 5 ways, then you’ll have to understand that you are wearing it wrong and try to correct the style.

Before getting to know about mistakes you're doing while wearing your jeans, let’s start from the basics!

What Is A Jeans?

Jeans is a twilled cloth made up of cotton. It is durable and 100% comfortable too. At first, jeans were available only in two colors such as blue and black. But nowadays, it is feasible in all colors.

What Are The Various Jeans Styles?

There are various types of jeans styles. Some of them are: 
  • Slim jeans
  • Skinny jeans
  • Regular jeans
  • Loose jeans
  • Relaxed jeans

Slim Jeans

The leg pattern in slim jeans is slightly tapered or is of a bootcut. It is tighter at the seats.

Skinny Jeans

The leg pattern is closely tapered in skinny jeans. It is tight fit from the thigh to leg.

Regular Jeans

The regular jeans have a mid-rise and a larger opening at the legs. It fits straight from hip to thigh.

Loose Jeans

As like the name, the jean is loose throughout the fit. If you are thinking of buying loose fit jeans, do not forget that it will be fit in the waist.

Relaxed Jeans

Relaxed jeans mean that the jeans are cut more freely at the seats and thighs. It is comfortable for persons with thicker thighs.

5 Ways You’re Wearing Your Jeans Wrong:

Here are the 5 ways you dint know that you have been wearing the jeans wrong.

  • Too Skinny Jeans
  • Baggy Jeans
  • Sagging Jeans
  • Ripped Jeans
  • Too Long Jeans

Too Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are damn cool! But you do not have to wear it so tight like a yoga pant. Wearing too skinny jeans are not so cool. It looks as if you are rounded with the jeans. 

If you are a skinny guy and wearing a skinny jean that fits you is not a problem. But for a heavy person, wearing too skinny jeans makes him look as if he is gasping for some air. Of, course it doesn’t look cool wearing too-tight jeans. 

2. Baggy Jeans

You must understand that wearing baggy jeans is not at all in the trend. It will take back to history and that’s not stylish. 

Not only that but also wearing baggy jeans ruins all your ability because all those hanging extra fabric makes you look as if you are too short and heavy, which you aren’t. It even makes you look too stumpy.

Another older style of wearing too baggy jean shorts. It used to be one of the fashion trends in the ’90s. But that’s not anymore. So, avoid wearing too baggy jean shorts.

3. Sagging Jeans

Many are still thinking that wearing sagging jeans makes them look stylish. But that’s not true! It has become so old-fashioned. 

Nowadays the jeans are not designed so that it can sit below your waist. Still wearing jeans like sagging jeans may distort the entire shape of the garment. 

It creates an excess of fabric in your booty area. It is very unattractive and you will need to trim it tight. But make sure that you do not trim it too tight.

In case if you are wearing your jeans this way then you must end it right now!

4. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are nothing but the ones that are torn at some places on your jeans. It has become one of the trends in fashion. 

Ripped jean is a fashion for the ones below 25. But in case if you are above 25, then it is not a cool idea. It makes you look like a teenager who is trying to be on the trend or fashionable. 

Hence it is suitable for Gen Z only. For mostly 95% of the people above 25, it doesn’t look good.

5. Too Long Jeans

Wearing a too long jean creates a bad look. You can find out your exact length and fix it up with a tailor. 

It makes you look too sloppy and can even ruin your entire look. When done it right, it looks fit and perfect. 

It is essential to fit it right or else it may become too shorter. Then that again comes under the malfunction of the wardrobe.

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Conclusion :

Not only these there are still many ways of wearing jeans in the wrong way. Like some are still wearing a shapeless boot cut jeans. It has become an old fashion now. If you are wearing it, then it’s the time to fix it to the perfect shape of your body. 

Another one is wearing too light blue or grey or white jeans. It may even look as if you have done acid wash to it. It looks as if you are trying hard to look trendy. So, it would be perfect if you wear dark ones.

Starting from ripped to baggy jeans, you would have got to know in this article. In case, if you are doing any of these mistakes, it’s time that you rectify it to look perfect and fashionable. 

If you are above 25, say no to ripped jeans. Do not prefer wearing old fashioned jeans such as baggy, shapeless boot cut and sagging jeans. Always make sure to wear fit ones but not too fit jeans.

We hope in this article, you would have got to know the “5 ways you’re wearing your jeans wrong.” If you are wearing in any of these ways, then say a bid goodbye to those fashion disasters.

Best Of Luck!