Ultimate Skin Care Routine For Indian Men 2020

Ultimate Skin Care Routine For Indian Men 2020

Ultimate Skin Care Routine For Indian Men 2020

Skin is the most fragile part of our body. It is very essential to have a proper skincare routine to maintain our skin. But the fact is that many men do not even have skincare. 

Maybe they don’t know about the skincare routine or maybe they just don’t care. That’s why men face a lot of issues on their skin. 

Some of the skin issues are acne, dark spots, blemishes, skin bumps, skin irritation or any other skin problems. A proper skincare routine is an essential tool to get rid of these skin problems.

Men skincare routine is not common among most of the Indian guys. Hence, in 
this article, we will discuss the ultimate skincare routine for Indian men in 

Ultimate Skincare Routine For Indian Men:

To maintain proper, clean and glowing skin, you will need to maintain a skincare routine. These routines will help you in protecting your skin against various skin problems. Let’s check out some of the men's skincare routines.

Every man needs to follow the below skincare routines to maintain clear and glowing skin. It is applicable for all oily, dry and normal skin types.

1. Face Wash Routine

Washing your face using a face wash regularly energizes your skin. In a day, 
you will need to wash your face at least two times. One time each at morning and night.

In the morning, you can wash your face either after getting up from the bed or after reaching your office, school/college. It is essential to wash your face at least two times to maintain clear skin. 

It will help you to stay away from acne, blemishes, dark spots, skin irritation
and various other skin problems.

If you are a sports player or if you do cardio exercise, you can wash your face three times a day. Two times as I have said before and the third time after completing your exercise or your game. 

It is because after playing a game or doing an exercise, you will sweat a lot. Hence, you will need to wash your face at that situation

Another important thing to remember is that you will need to wash your face after the shower or after shaving. It is because, after a shower or shave, you will have open pores on your face.

The face wash helps to close those pores and cleanse your face. It also adds nutrition to your face.

How To Wash Your Face?

When you are about to wash your face, take only a slight amount of face wash. Then you will have to apply the face wash in three regions. 

The first is your cheeks. Second is your chin and neck. The third is the T-area (the area covering your forehead and nose). 

Always remember that you will have to apply the face wash in a circular motion. It is because due to circular motion, there will be a good circulation of blood on your face and it also rejuvenates your skin. 

Then wash your face using lukewarm water. Do not use too frizzy or hot water. It may damage your skin.


• Make use of mild face wash

• You can also use 100% herbal face wash.

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2. Moisturizer

Moisturizer gives your skin an even tone. It also helps you keep your make your skin glow. 

Moisturizing your skin is very significant. It is one of the main skin routines that you have to follow. 

You will need to apply moisturizer two times a day. Once in the morning and another at the night time. Avoid using chemical moisturizers as it clogs your pores and increases acne.

How To Apply Moisturizer?

When you apply a moisturizer, it is essential to use cotton balls rather than your hands. It is because your hands may contain dirt and hence it is better to use cotton balls. 

Apply the moisturizer in a circular motion. As I have said before it is better for blood circulation.


• You can use rose water as a moisturizer twice a day.

• You can also use lime juice. But make sure to use only 1-2 times a week. It reduces acne and destroys blemishes.

• Aloe vera is a very powerful moisturizer. Aloe vera along with lime juice can do wonders on your face.

•You can use also make use of natural oils such as sweet almond oil or tea tree oil.

Moisturizer heals your pimples and also reduces the redness of the pimples.

3. Diet And Lifestyle

Though you do the first two steps properly, it is very significant to follow this routine too. To maintain a proper and clear skin, you will need to follow a proper diet. 

Make sure that your diet contains all the essential food items such as vegetables, fruits, and meat. Do not concentrate and eat only a particular food. It is better to mix up and eat. 

The vegetables and fruits not only keep your health well but also helps to have a glowing skin. 

After diet comes the lifestyle. It is very important to be stress-free. Stress has a very bad effect on your skin. It affects your ageing process and also secretes more oil to the skin. Sleep well and do meditation to have healthy skin.


• Quit sugar

• Reduce junk food

• Avoid packaged fried snacks


Do you have any skin problems? Follow the above men skincare routines and say goodbye to all skin problems such as acne, blemishes, dark spots, skin irritation, skin bumps and other skin problems.

Good Luck!