How To Tie A Tie: Quick and Easy step by step procedure

How To Tie A Tie: Quick and Easy step by step procedure

Starting from business to certain social occasions, wearing a tie gives you a complete look. The tie adds more professionalism and elegance to your suits, shirts, and slacks. Though clip-on tie is the easiest option yet hand-tied ties bring in more attraction. 

With a variety of tie knots to choose from, there’s something special for every shirt style and neck size. If you are looking to knot up your tie. You are in the right place. 
In this article, let’s see ‘how to tie a tie’ and not only that but also you will get to know various tie knots and much more. For best results, all you need is a mirror and a tie to help you graduate beyond the tie-clip.

How To Tie A Tie: Step By Step Procedure

Tieing a tie is a very easy process. If you don’t know to tie a tie, don’t worry! These simple step-by-step instructions will help you to tie a simple knot.

Cloak the tie around your collar with the seam inwards and thick end on the left. Make sure to place it two to three inches below your finishing position.

Bring the thicker end horizontally across the narrow front end, then pass it horizontally back behind the narrow end.

From left to right, pass the thicker end across the front of the knot again.

Now pass the thick end horizontally from right to left behind the knot once again. 
Pass the thick end again from left to right across the front of the knot. Under the third horizontal loop, place a finger in it.

Bring the thick tip under the bottom of the loop around your collar and feed it to the bottom of the knot, down over the knot’s front, and also through the third loop.

Through the horizontal loop, pull the thicker end of the tie and tighten it down.
Adjust the tie by holding the knot on one hand and the pull the narrow end gently with the other.

These are the simple instructions that help to tie a tie easy. We hope you have got to know how to tie a simple knot.

Types of Tie Knots

There are various types of tie knots. Some of them are listed below:

Four In Hand Knot
Half Windsor knot
Full Windsor knot
Double Windsor knot
Pratt knot
Eldredge knot
Bow Tie knot
Kelvin knot
Victoria knot
Nicky knot
Trinity knot
Hanover knot
St Andrew knot
Plattsburgh knot
Cafe knot and much more.

How To Tie A Neck Tie In Different Styles?

In this article, let’s check out some of the ways to tie some of the basic tie knots. Here are a few tie knots with their step-by-step instructions:

How To Tie A Windsor Knot?

The Windsor knot is the best one for social occasions, interviews, and even presentations. It looks great with the spread-collar shirt. Here, you will get to know how to tie a full Windsor knot. The full Windsor knot is also known as the double Windsor knot. So, let’s check out how to tie a double Windsor knot.

Fold up the collar of your shirt, undo the top button, and put the tie around your neck. Make sure that the wide end of the tie extends 12 inches(roughly) below the narrow end.

Then slip your tie through the gap between the tie knot and your neck. Keep pulling the tie around until it’s back behind the tie’s narrow end.

Try the same above procedure with the other side of your tie.

Then, you will need to wrap the wide end of the tie and bring it back towards the front. 
After that, pull the wide end again loosely through the gap between your neck and the knot, so that a loop is created.

Then, slip the knot’s wide end into the newly created loop.

Set and tighten the knot to create a neat look. Then, place your collar over the necktie. That’s it, your double Windsor knot/Full Windsor knot is ready!

How To Tie A Half Windsor Knot?

The Half Windsor Knot gives a classic presentation with its triangular and symmetrical shape. Since it's smaller than full Windsor knot, it goes well with medium-sized ties too. 

Here let’s check out how to tie a half Windsor knot. 

Cross the wider part of the tie over the narrow part.

Again, cross the wider part behind the narrow part of the tie, so that the wrong side is facing out.

Over to the left, bring the tie’s wider end up.
Pull it through the neck opening so that it leaves the wrong side to the right.

From right to left, bring the wider end over the narrow part so that the correct side is facing upwards.

Again, bring the wide end up through the neck loop.

When you bring it down, insert it across the loop at the front of the collar. 

Adjust the tie by holding the knot on one hand and the pull the narrow end gently with the other.

Then, place your collar over the necktie. That’s it your Half Windsor knot is ready.

How To Tie A Four In Hand Knot?

Four In Hand Knot looks great for heavy fabrics wide neckties. Here let’s check out the simple instructions to tie a four in hand knot.

To complete this knot, raise the collar of the shirt and drape the tie around the neck, so that the wide end is on the right side and extends about 12 inches below the narrow end.

Bring the larger part of the tie over the narrow part.

Then bring the large part beneath the narrow part.

Bring back the wide side over the narrow part at the top.

Bring the broad side up at the neck through the large loop.

Insert the wide end in a downward direction through the front loop with a loose hold onto the knot.

Holding the narrow bottom part of the tie with one hand, slide the knot with the other upward until snug and neat.

Then, place your collar over the necktie. That’s it your Four in hand knot is ready.

How To Tie A Eldredge Knot?

The Eldredge knot created a bold statement. Though there are a lot of steps for tying this knot, yet it’s not as complicated as you think. As many tie knots are created with its wide portion, while this knot is created with its narrow portion. Isn’t that cool? 

Here, let's begin with the step-by-step instructions to tie an Eldredge knot:

Raise the collar and drape the necktie across it, so that the wide end lies on the right lies below the navel.

Near to the collar, pinch the thicker side of the tie.

Bring in the thin part of the tie over the thick part. 

Next, bring the thin part under the thicker part, the wrong side up.

Then, bring up the thin part of the tie towards the neck.

Again, bring the thin part through the neck loop, the wrong side up.

While going left, take it by the knot’s front and take it through the neck loop.

Then, bring it back to the right.

Next, take it behind the wider part of the tie to the left, wrong side up.

Take it right across the front through the neck loop that was created in the previous step.

Then, you will have to tighten the knot by pulling the narrow end towards the right.
Then bring the end to the right of the knot through the neck loop.

Again, bring it up to the left of the knot over the knot.

By keeping the knot loose, to the right, you will have to bring the short tail through the created loop.

Pull to tighten the knot.
On the left, tuck the end behind your neckline. 

Then, place your collar over the necktie. That’s it your Eldredge knot is ready.

How To Tie A Bow Tie?

Bow ties are not that difficult to tie. A self-tied bow tie looks a lot better than the pre-tied one. Here, let’s check out some of the simple steps to tying a bow tie.

Put the tuxedo or shirt on. Button it up to the top and stand it with the bow tie in hand in front of the mirror. Place the bow tie around the neck but make sure that the right end falls approximately 1.5 inches below the left end.

Hold both the ends of the tie and cross the longer end over the shorter one.
Through the neck hole, loop the longer end up. To feel comfortable, adjust the tie’s tightness.

Then, put the longer end aside by flipping the end over your shoulder. Double the shorter end at the widest part to make it look like a bow and lays across the collar sideways.

Holding the bow shape with one hand, retrieving the other end and with the other hand pulling it down through the center of the bow shape. The tie at this point resembles a front-facing bow tie.

Bring the bow's sides together with one hand in front; pinch them and pull. This creates a hole underneath the bow.

Use the other hand to make another bow by doubling it like the first bow, with the longer end of the tie.

Push through the hole at this bow.
Pull each end of the bow tie to tighten up the knot. That’s it your bow tie is ready.


The tie is something that gives a complete look to your dress. So, it is essential to know to tie a tie. We hope in this article, you would have got to know how to tie a tie and also various types of knots such as Windsor knot/Double Windsor knot, Half Windsor knot, Eldredge knot and a bow tie. Make use of the above tips to look great.

Best Of Luck!