Top 6 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don’t Know

Top 6 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don’t Know

Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don’t Know

Men’s clothing and fashion is a very tricky one. Everyone might think that it is very easy for a man to dress up perfectly. But the fact is that a man has to put a lot of effort to get that perfect look. Even one extra button on a shirt or jacket can spoil the entire look.

Trying to get a perfect look? Come on! Here, in this article, let’s discuss the top 
6 clothing tricks that most guys don’t know.

Top 6 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don’t Know:

Trick 1: Do Go Crazy Over Colors

Do not try to overboard in colour. That’s extremely a bad idea. Try choosing neutral colours including some of the muted blue shades as the main part whereas the bold ones as an accent. You will surely impress a lot through this trick.

Trick 2: Choose Perfect Accessories

Right accessories make you a complete man. A watch always adds a greater look to your outfit. Try out on jackets too.

Trick 3: Prefer Dry Cleaning

Though many know this hack, it's essential to add it to the list. Always dry clean your suits, jackets and even sweaters once when they get dirty. 

Another trick, you need to dry clean your wool clothing before storing it. After that, there wouldn’t be any moth damage.

Trick 4: Choose The Perfect Fit

If you’re short, don’t worry. The simple trick to appear taller is lengthening your leg line. 

Another trick is to avoid wearing an oversized jacket. It can be any kind of a sports jacket or even a suit or leather jacket. Wear it to the perfect fit to appear taller.

One more trick is that to appear taller, choose pants, belt and shoes of the same colour. The unbroken colour helps you in appearing taller.

Trick 5: Style Up Your Laces

Do you know about the lacing styles? They are straight lacing and cross lacing. 
The straight lacing is meant for formals whereas cross lacing is for casual wear
as it adds more stability to the shoes.

Trick 6: Choose The Right Pocket Style

Do your pants have a pocket flare? I will tell you a better trick for it. Firstly, let’s check out the reasons behind it. The reasons may be either your pants are too tight or you are wearing it too closely to your hips or you have chosen the wrong pocket style.

Pockets are of three styles:

• Vertical pockets

• Western pockets

• Front pockets

Here the vertical pocket flares out if the pant doesn’t fit. Whereas the front pockets seem to flare out lightly. But the front pockets, mostly seen on chinos and jeans, do not flare out at all.


Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don’t Know


Everyone thinks that a man can dress up within a fraction of seconds. But the fact is that even a small button, loosen thread or if the stitching is tight, the entire look goes wrong. To get a perfect look, a man needs to dress up-fit. 

A loosen or a hanging outfit spoils your style. When it comes to choosing colours, you will have to prefer mild colours. Make use of the best accessories to get a complete look. Do not wear pants that have a pocket flare. 

In this article, you have got to know about the various common mistakes that we do and the top 6 clothing tricks most guys don’t know. Starting from the belt to the shoes, we have learned a lot in this article. We hope you have got to learn some of the things about men’s clothing. 

Try out the above clothing tricks and look smarter and attractive whereas also take care of the common clothing mistakes that we all often do.

Hope you dress up smarter, now! Best Of Luck!