YouTube Sensation Bhuvan Bam Reveals His Style Secrets

YouTube Sensation Bhuvan Bam Reveals His Style Secrets

YouTube Sensation Bhuvan Bam Reveals His Style Secrets

Do you know Bhuvan Bam? Bhuvan Bam is a popular YouTube sensation. 
He has a YouTube channel named “BB Ki Vines” with 16.8 million subscribers. 

At present, he has become a very famous YouTuber due to his adorable and unique humour videos and also turned into a fashion icon and an influencer for many brands.

Bhuvan Bam attracts viewers not only through his humorous videos but also 
through his sense of style and fashion. Starting from his wavy hair to his stylish dressing, he has become an icon in the minds of many youngsters. 

Here, in this article, let’s check what the YouTube Sensation Bhuvan Bam reveals about his style secrets.

What Is Fashion According To Bhuvan Bam?

Are you ready to know the style secrets of Bhuvan Bam?

According to the YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam, fashion is anything that adds some flavour to the bash or party. 

He revealed that his everyday outfit is just a regular shirt over pants. Isn’t that normal? Yeah! He loves to look unique yet straightforward and that’s why he is popular among the youngsters because of his simplicity.

Bhuvan Bam explains about the five essential items in a man’s wardrobe. It’s nothing but a cologne, a denim jacket, a pair of solid yet colourful socks, a trimmer and finally Kolhapuri chappals. What is a Kolhapuri chappal? 
He says that he loves them.

While talking about fashion and style tips, he talked about a nostalgic moment in his life. He talked about a girl in his school, who had told him not to wear sandals and socks together. He says he’s still thankful to her. 

To the youngsters, he added a tip saying that men look sexy when they wear a dashing shirt with a blazer. He also said that it is essential to maintain shiny hair to look good.

What Is Bhuvan Bam’s Thought On Trend?

BB loves the trend of mismatched socks. He says that it makes people get attracted to him. If you are a guy, this tip might be useful!

He also talks about a trend that he hates the most. It is nothing but the trend of makeup. He feels that heavy makeup hides the real and natural beauty of the person. So, he likes to be simple and natural.

Not only the trend, but Bhuvan Bam also shared his favourite trick. To hide your oily or dry hair, you need to wear a stylish cap. Isn’t that a useful trick? Of course, it is!

What Is The Youtube Sensation’s Grooming Hacks?

Bhuvan Bam’s grooming tips are as simple yet useful. His mom gave him a grooming tip, that was nothing but to oil the hair twice a week.

He also reveals that his grooming trick is secret behind his stylish and wavy hair. He says that oil is essential to our hair as well as to our health.

Let’s now talk about his skincare routine. He loves to wear basic dry skin moisturizer. Is it the secret behind his glowing skin? Maybe! The grooming tip that he gave to men was a moisturizer. It shows how significant a moisturizer is in the skincare routine of men.

Do You Know The Fitness Regimen Of Bhuvan Bam?

The secret behind the fitness and energetic behaviour of Bhuvan Bam is very simple. It's nothing but water. Drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. 

It is an essential tip to be followed. Drinking more water helps you to maintain a healthy and fit physique.

What Is Bhuvan’s Shopping Strategy?

While shopping, Bhuvan has a simple yet meaningful strategy. It is that we need not keep any specific dressing style or item while shopping. If we do, that means we’ll have be limited to a few options, and we’re bound to check out soon

He also says that his ultimate destination for fashion and shopping is Europe
and he loves to explore more fashion shopping over there.

Bhuvan’s Philosophy On Style:

Like the above grooming and fashion tricks, his philosophy is also simple yet thought provoking. He says that we should dress to impress ourselves not others.

We have to dress in styles that make us feel comfortable. It gives us more confidence.
It’s because people will get fascinated not by your clothes whereas by your

Finally, follow Bhuvan’s simple style philosophy stating, “Dress up to look good
and impress yourself.” We hope you have learned something from Bhuvan Bam’s style secrets.

Make use of these style tips and become more stylish! Good Luck!