How to improve your style without buying new clothes?

How to improve your style without buying new clothes?

How to improve your style without buying new clothes?

Many people in this world believe that buying new and expensive clothes would make them look good and stylish, but guess what it's not true at all. 

Always remember that it's not the clothes that make you look good but it's you that makes your clothes stand out.

So in this article, we're going to teach you some simple steps that will help to improve your style without buying new clothes.

How to improve your style without buying new clothes? 


Experimenting with different clothing styles is the best way to learn something new. The best method to learn in this world is the trial and error method. 

Experimenting with the clothes that you currently have will give you an idea of what suits you and what's best for you and it will also give you an idea of what to purchase the next time you go shopping.

2) Grooming:

A well-groomed man will always stand out irrespective of the clothes he wears. Grooming plays a vital role in a man's life and it does make a difference when it comes to looking good. Grooming is not at all as difficult as people think it to be. 

You can use the following steps to start your grooming routine from today:

a) Taking care of your hair:-

  •          Oil your hair regularly:
Oiling hair twice or thrice a week is sufficient. Remember to not overdo it as it may cause blocking of your hair pores which may indeed cause dandruff. Oiling your hair will improve the quality of your hair and will make your hair silky smooth. 

Oiling of your hair is very important if you want the overall nourishment of your hair. Remember that your hair plays a very important role in your style.

  • Trying out a new hairstyle:
You should never be afraid of trying out different hairstyles. But remember one thing when trying out different hairstyles your hairstyle should not be over the top like most of the footballers have it will completely ruin your look. 

I don't recommend colouring your hair as it is not good for your hair in the long run but if you really want to do it then keep it simple and don't use colours that are too bright. The colours I recommend are Burgundy and Light Brown.

b) Try Different beard styles:-

Always try to experiment with your beard styles. 
If you have a patchy beard then it's better to keep it clean shaved until the patches of beard fill it up by itself. 

Always keep your beard clean and well-cut. Nobody likes to see an untidy beard. It just makes you sleepy and makes you look like a drunkard.

Many people have a flaky beard so I recommend they use beard oil. And if you want to keep a long beard then you must take proper care of it unless it's not going to look good.

The rules for having a proper beard are simple i.e trim it regularly if you want to keep it short and clean and if you want to keep it long. I strongly recommend the use of a beard wash and beard oil.

c) Taking Care of your skin:-

Taking care of your skin is very important and you should do it on a regular routine. Your skincare routine should include the following steps:-

  • Use a good moisturizer after you take a bath:
Moisturizers are very essential because they make your skin glow. If you have dry skin then you should use a moisturizer on a daily basis but if you have oily skin like most Indians do then you should use a moisturizer twice or thrice a week. 

If you have an acne problem and if your pimples increases after applying a moisturizer then stop using it. 

  •       Consult skin specialist 
If you have acne problems then consult a skin specialist instead of finding solutions by watching youtube videos because sensitivity and type of skin vary from person to person and what may be working for someone may not work for you. 

Skin is the most important part and if you ruin it by using too harsh chemicals then it may cause serious trouble which may cause serious skin allergies and problems that may take a long period of time to cure and sometimes the marks will remain for the rest of your lifetime. I also recommend you to take fish oil.

3) Exercise:

Exercising not only trains your body but also your mind. Trust me this is the most important point of all and if you all do these two things i.e is exercising and nutrition properly then even if you don't follow the above-mentioned steps properly then also you will see the best results possible. 

Exercising provides oxygen to your hair and skin and thus you will find an immediate change after you start exercising. It's not always how you look from the outside but it's how you feel from the inside.

4) Nutrition:

 You are what you eat is a popular saying and I couldn't agree to it any less. Nutrition is a very large topic in itself but today I will just share the basics of it which if you follow will give you great results not only physically but also mentally. 

You should always try to eat healthy unprocessed food and you should avoid junk food and sugar.

5) Increase your style knowledge:-

 Learning about new things is a continuous process and with fashion, it goes the same. You should always learn and try different things. But many people will think where can I learn it from? Well, this is where we come in to play.

Fashion Wale Babu is your one-stop solution to your questions related to fashion. We believe in the theory that lack of knowledge is the only thing that's stopping you from looking fashionable and here we'll help you by providing you with the best possible knowledge. Also don't forget to follow us on Instagram for daily Style and Grooming tips. 


How to improve your style without buying new clothes?


Q. How to change your style? 

It’s all about personal motivation, and your willingness to try out different fashion trends. First, you should ask yourself why you want to change your style. You need to also figure out how you want to present yourself to the world. Once you figure these out, with a little help from us you can fully reinvent how the world sees you.

Q. How to change your style in a budget? 

Looking good doesn’t mean that you have to always buy expensive clothing and grooming items. There are always cheaper alternatives available which better suit your needs.

Q. How can I improve my clothing style?

One thing you have to understand is, just because a particular fashion suits one man, doesn’t mean it suits every other man on earth. It varies from person to person based on their personality and physical features.

Q. How can I have a unique style?

You might not want to follow mainstream fashion trends. You might have a taste for something out of the ordinary. With a little web surfing and our expert tips, you can make that happen.

Q. How can I create my own style?

Developing your own style is the epitome of your personal image. So it’s important that you identify which style suits you best based on your body type and personality.

Q. What is a personal style?

A personal style is a certain style of dressing and grooming that defines a person’s character. It’s important that you identify your personal style because it shows that you are comfortable with yourself, and it also shows what you want to say about yourself.

Q. How can I be stylish?

It’s all about mixing and matching your styles based on your lifestyle. And don’t forget to act in your style. Your style of dressing must match your behaviour. That’s crucial for being stylish.

Q. How can I improve my style?

Be consistent with your current style. Make minor tweaks based on your preferences. The small details also matter, which means accessorising your outfits. Always buy clothes that complement your personal style.


Clothes are just an integral part of fashion; it does not define fashion as a whole. There are more important things other than clothes that would help you in looking good. And most of the above-mentioned points cost you nothing; it's just your day to day things that would make a difference.

If you follow most of the points mentioned above, the results would be lifelong and that’s what matters in the long run. Hope this article would add value to your life because that is what we believe at Fashion Wale Babu i.e adding value to your life.