Most asked beard question: How long does it take to grow a Full Beard?

Most asked beard question: How long does it take to grow a Full Beard?

Nowadays, growing a beard is not just a fashion but a feeling of pride for men. 
For the first time, if you are growing a beard, you’ll definitely have a question in mind, “How long does it take to grow a full beard?”. 

Nowadays it has become a very common question among youngsters. The health and growth of your beard depend on various factors. 

Are you struggling to grow a beard? To help you out, here, we will discuss the complete guide for a beard.

Let’s start from basics!

What Is A Beard?

It's the growth of hair around the chin and lower cheeks of men's faces. A beard symbolizes the physical maturity in a man. 

What Are The Stages Of Beard?

Is there any kind of stages of beard growth? Yes! Beard growth is divided into four stages. They are:

Stage 1: Stubble Stage (Week 0-2)

The first stage is where your beard starts growing. It is the phase where you need to stop shaving and start using beard oil. Here, during the stubble stage, your face will feel itchy, it symbolizes that your beard is growing. 

You can use a beard brush to calm down your itchiness. You will need to stay patient until your beard grows.

Stage 2: Growth Stage (Week 2-5)

The second stage is a tricky one. It is the stage where many men give up. The face feels itchy, patchy and a little bit weird. Here, you’ll need the help of your beard oil and brush. 

Many fail to stay patient and they will end up shaving. But, here is where I need to calm down. Don’t worry! Take some time, you can definitely grow a 

Stage 3: Shaping Stage (Week 5-8)

You stopped shaving, came across your patchiness and itchiness and used various beard products. Now, it’s time to take the razor. What? I understand what you feel but your beard needs some grooming .

It is the stage where you will have to give a dashing shape to your beard. Once you find the best shape, shave off the remaining to look amazing!

Stage 4: #Maintenance Stage (Week 8-12)

Surprise! You’ve got a beard now! 

The last stage is where you will have to maintain your beard. After a few weeks, some parts of your beard will look a bit wild. So, you need to groom your facial hair on a daily basis. 

For the proper maintenance of your beard, you’ll need the help of beard balm and brush. Hair grows slightly backwards, here you’ll need to brush in the 45-degree angle along the hair growth direction to get the best results.

How long does it take to grow a Full Beard? 

While thinking to grow a beard, we get a question in mind, “How long does it 
take to grow a full beard?” For an average beard? It may take 1 to 6 months. After that, it only depends on the efforts and the care that you take to grow a beard. 

The persons who follow the all recommended procedures will have a great advantage. The one who doesn’t will end up having a tougher time to grow even a short beard. Take time, follow the procedure and grow an awesome beard. You’ll look great!

How To Grow Beard In Simple Steps?

Some are blessed with the amazing growth of facial hairs within a few days. Here are some of the steps to follow to grow a beard:

Step 1: Planning

Like any other thing, even growing a beard requires planning. To start, you need to completely commit yourself to grow a beard. Even growing a short beard takes time, you will have to be patient for many weeks. 

Firstly, you’ll need to find out what kind of beard suits you. In the early stage, 
your beard will look stubble and you have some itchiness. Hence you will have to use beard oil.

Step 2: Diet And Exercise

Do you know that your diet plays an essential role in growing a beard? Yes, they do! Daily exercise helps in blood circulation and it has a great impact on your beard growth. A regular fitness routine reduces your stress and fastens the beard growth. 

A proper diet is also important. You can eat oats, eggs, beef, fish, sprouts, broccoli, chicken breast in your diet. Snacks must be of fruits, seeds and nuts.

 You need to drink plenty of fresh and clean water too. You can even consult a doctor to get vitamin supplements to help you grow a beard faster.

Step 3: Early Growth 

First few weeks are really challenging. The patchy spots and itchiness will really make you feel weird. You may even try to shave off but you will need to be patient. Those patchy spots will fill in and contour a shape within a couple of weeks. 

Start using beard cream and oil. Everything will become smooth within 4 to 6 weeks.

Step 4: Filling 

Your beard should get into its shape and fill properly after 4-6 weeks. The patchy spots of your beard will be less noticeable and your beard will become softer.

At this time your facial hair needs proper grooming. You will need to clean the jawline, neckline, moustache and cheeks. You can get expert help to figure out your best look.

Step 5: Growth Complete

Your look is complete! The patchy spots are gone. Your beard shape is perfect. No more irritation. After it, you’ll need to have proper maintenance.

Don’t forget to condition, brush and trim to maintain it perfectly. You will also need to maintain a healthy diet too.


Stages of Beard Growth


Q. How long does it take to grow a short beard? 

It all comes down to your facial hair growth speed. It can be different for different people. For some, it’ll only take a couple of days, while for others it could take longer.

Q. How long does it take to grow a beard after shaving?

Again, it depends upon the growth rate of your facial hair. But after a clean shave, it will take 4-6 weeks for it to grow back, on the assumption that you wash your face properly.

Q. How can I speed up my beard growth?

You have to keep your beard and face clean regularly. Dust, germs, and dead cells stick to your face because of sweat, and they slow down hair growth and prevent new facial hair from growing. You can get rid of these by applying and scrubbing a mild soap or face wash at least twice a week.

Q. How many inches does a beard grow in a month?

Generally, a beard grows about ½ inch (1.25cm) per month. But then again, it depends on your beard growth rate.

Q. How many inches does a beard grow in a year?

On average a beard could grow about 6 inches (15cm) considering that you take care of it. But, after a few months of growth, you might think that it has stopped growing because it’s hard to tell where the extra inches of hair is growing.

Q. Does drinking water help grow a beard?

Water helps a lot for beard growth as well as for keeping your body hydrated. It helps in giving your body the necessary nutrients to grow a beard. Try to drink about 8- 10 glasses of water a day for a healthier beard.

Q. Does shaving increase beard growth?

No, it doesn’t, although a lot of people believe this to be true. Shaving doesn't increase the growth rate of facial hair.

Q. Do beard oils work?

It works for very few people to some extent. Nothing can make your facial hair growth speed faster. But beard oils contain certain properties that make the skin more nourished, which supports healthy growth.

Q. How do I fill my patchy beard?

You could either fully shave it, trim it, or get a beard cut that would make the patches more subtle. But we recommend that you leave it be and let it grow if you plan on growing a thick beard one day. The patchy phase is only temporary. So embrace it

Q. What is the appropriate age for a boy to shave?

There’s no appropriate age for shaving. Your facial hair starts growing long after you hit puberty. Generally, boys go through puberty around the age of 14, while others experience it a little late. In either case, there’s no guarantee that you’ll start developing facial hair immediately. 


Growing a beard is not as easy as it looks. We hope your query is clear: “How long does it take to grow a full beard?” Follow the above guidelines to get an amazing look.

Best Of Luck!