8 proven methods: How To Grow Hair Faster and Longer for Men?

8 proven methods: How To Grow Hair Faster and Longer for Men?

How To Grow Hair Faster and Longer for men?

Are you planning to make a new hairstyle? If so, the only question that pops out in your mind will be “How to grow hair faster and longer?” Don’t stress! It’s really simple!

To make your hair grow, you’ll have to cut off the things that stop your hair growth. Here, we will discuss some steps that will help you grow your hair faster.

How To Grow Hair Faster and Longer for men?

Here are eight essential steps that you need to follow:

• Massage your hair with oil
• Wash your hair with shampoo
• Take enough vitamins
• Trim your hair
• Don’t use a comb with wet hair
• Dry your hair naturally
• Don’t stress
• Stay hydrated

1. Massage Your Hair With Oil

The most essential thing that you need to do to make your hair grow faster is to apply oil. Oil plays a major role in hair growth. 

You will have to massage your scalp with the micro-nutrient rich oil (egg oil) and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash off using a mild shampoo. 

Some of the best oils for hair growth are coconut oil, argan, and jojoba oil. Continue the same procedure for about 16 weeks to notice the best results. Hair grows well when it’s given enough nourishment.

2. Wash Your Hair With Shampoo

Wash your hair with mild shampoo for about three to four times in a week to watch out for effective results. The days in between it's better to wash your hair with water alone.

Avoid shampoos with high levels of both detergents and sulfates. After using shampoo your hair will look dry. 

Hence, users can also make use of a conditioner to reduce split-ends and breakage.

3. Take Enough Vitamins 

Our hair is the reflection of our health. Hence, you’ll need to maintain the proper diet to ensure good hair growth. You will need to take Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables to grow healthy hair. Citrus fruits, red peppers, and sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin C. 

Vitamin B5 can help in preventing greying of your hair. Avoid intake of vitamin supplements, instead, eat vitamin-rich fruits and veggies. It is not only about vitamins, but you will also need to intake protein-rich food for healthy hair growth. 

Hair is protein-based and hence protein is also essential. Some of the protein-rich eatables are meat, nuts, tofu, legumes, and beans. To improve your hair cells, you will need to have a diet that has biotin-rich items too. 

Some of the biotin-rich eatables are salmon, avocados, oysters, and nuts. Got to about all the vitamins, proteins and biotins? You will also need to remember even more essential things. It’s nothing but “water”. You will have about half to two litres of water every day to ensure healthy hair.

4. Trim Your Hair

Trimming is done to cut off the split ends in your hair. To maintain a proper healthy hair, you will need to trim at least every 10-12 weeks. If you do not know to trim, you can get the help of a stylist.

5. Don’t Use Comb With Wet Hair

It’s best not to pull or stretch when your hair is in a wet state. The wet state is a state that is vulnerable to break off easily. 

You may also get split ends due to combing your hair when it’s dry. So, you’ll need to dry your hair first and then comb your hair.

Here, the drying of your hair must be done smoothly. Avoid harshly rubbing your 
hair using towels.

6. Dry Your Hair Naturally

Many use air-dryers to dry your hair. But you will need to place at the right distance and use it to reduce damage. Some may rub off with their towel to dry the hair. 

Rubbing off harshly may cause damage and split ends to your hair. Instead, you’ll need to gently squeeze off the extra water and leave it to dry it naturally.

You can even wrap your hair with a towel for about 10 minutes and then remove it and let it dry in the natural air.

7. Don’t Stress

Our stress is the most important factor that affects your hair. Don’t get shocked! Excessive stress can result in the weakening of your hair. It may later result in hair loss.

Here are some of the ways to eliminate your stress:

• Regular exercise
• Yoga
• Counselling
• Meditation
• Listen to music
• Dancing
• Playing sports
• Trying out fun games
• Going on trip
• Sleeping properly

In the above points, the most significant thing to be noticed is sleeping properly. Sleep is the most crucial part of a healthy life. 

Good sleep means sleeping for more than seven hours a day. During our sleep, growth hormones play a vital role in cell reproduction and contribute to healthy hair growth.

8. Stay Hydrated

Hydrating your hair is a vital part of a hair growth process. There are many products to hydrate your hair. To hydrate naturally, you will have to heat two tablespoons of coconut or olive oil.

Comb the oil through your hair and leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes. You must wear a shower cap after it. Then, you will have to wash your hair with mild shampoo and conditioner. 

The process of hydrating your hair makes your hair smoother and shinier. After your hair shower, you’ll need to moisturize using a hair spray.


Q. How can I grow my hair faster?

There’s no simple way to make your hair grow faster. You have to stay hydrated, eat healthily, stay fit by exercising, avoid excessive usage of shampoo, avoid cold showers, and definitely stop combing your hair when it’s wet.

Q. Does garlic regrow hair?

Garlic is not only famous for its role in adding flavour to meals, but it also has many medicinal properties, some of which support hair growth. It can be used in many different ways to stop hair loss and increase hair growth.

Q. Why is my hair not growing?

This could either be due to scalp dryness, damage to hair follicles, prolonged sleep deprivation, and excessive use of hair products (all of these issues can be taken care of by yourself) OR it could be a genetic problem (like male pattern baldness), which will require professional medical help.

Q. What can increase hair growth?

There are natural, herbal medicines, as well as certain pills and vitamins you could use to grow hair faster. Other than this, you can make changes to your daily lifestyle (getting proper sleep, having a balanced diet, etc).

Q. Is onion good for hair?

Yes, Onion juice can be applied on your scalp. It nourishes hair follicles with sulphur which will support strong hair growth.

Q. How can I grow my hair faster in a week?

It’s not easy to boost hair growth in a week, but if you follow a proper diet plan, get enough sleep, and massage your scalp with oil (coconut, garlic, onion juice, etc) you will be able to see improvements.

Q. Why is my hair growing so slow?

Slow hair growth could be due to many reasons. Stress, dehydration, age, strong medication, scalp damage, sleep deprivation, etc. You have to be aware of these issues and take necessary measures against them.


By a study, hair grows for about half an inch every month. Hair growth also depends on your genetics. But, you’ll need to have a proper and healthy diet to grow your hair faster and thicker.

Maintaining a regular diet and performing exercises continuously will help you grow healthy hair. Avoid harsh shampoos and moisturize your hair regularly.

We hope that you have got a better solution to your question, “How to grow hair faster and longer?” Follow the above tips to maintain healthy hair growth.

Good Luck!  Let Your Hair Grow Faster!